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Since 1983, 7,936 children have joined their families

143 have families, since January 1, 2015

  • 57% belong to a minority group
  • 78% are 9 years old or older
  • 40% are 14 years old or older

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FAQ - frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Inquiring on Waiting Children

Why aren't the children's challenges detailed in the profiles?
The kids are so computer-savvy these days, they visit the website and read their own profiles!  And their friends read them. Sometimes their acquaintances' parents read them and discuss them with their own children. The child's issues could become common knowledge at school and the child may be mortified and deeply hurt. We don't want to do anything that would cause any further trauma. So now we depend on the caseworkers to share the challenges with selected families who have inquired . We have lost some of the ability of the prospective parents to self-screen, but families agree with us that we don't want to do anything that will embarrass the children unnecessarily.

Who will respond to my inquiry?
Your inquiry will be received by the office at The Adoption Exchange. Within 48 hours (except weekends) it will be forwarded on to the child's caseworker in the child's county. Our agreement with the caseworkers is that they will respond to you within 30 days or less. Sometimes they will email you, sometimes they will phone you.

Why haven't I heard from anyone?
It is important to complete as much information as possible on the child inquiry form. Caseworkers can receive large numbers of inquiries to review and complete information can help the caseworker make an informed decision about a match for the child/ren. If you submitted an inquiry through our website and have not heard from the child/ren’s caseworker within 30 days, please contact our office and one of our Adoption Specialists will follow up for you.

Do caseworkers ever consider an out-of-state family?
Yes, caseworkers sometimes place children out of state. They will often prefer to keep the child near his/her community, because most children have relationships they want to maintain (with biological siblings, former foster parents, friends, therapists, teachers). But if a suitable family is not available nearby, they will consider one from out of state. Sometimes the caseworker prefers an out-of-state family because the child's biological family lives in the same community and there might be problems. Sometimes an out-of-state family is such a great match for a certain child, the caseworker decides it is the best choice.

Should we send you our homestudy?
We actually do not collect homestudies, but we do keep a record of the information you've given us when you make an inquiry on a child. Sometimes we will search our database to find families who have indicated interest in certain types of children, and we will contact those families to discuss a specific child. After we forward your inquiry to the child's caseworker, it is she/he who might request your homestudy from you.