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Since 1983, 7,936 children have joined their families

143 have families, since January 1, 2015

  • 57% belong to a minority group
  • 78% are 9 years old or older
  • 40% are 14 years old or older

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Directory of Licensed Adoption Agencies and Parent Support Groups in Member States

The Adoption Exchange encourages you to check with the Licensing Division of your state office of human/social services for a specific agency's current standing. You could also ask the agency you are considering to provide names of families who have adopted through them. Support groups for adoptive parents are also resources for personal feedback regarding specific agencies.
Adoption Resources

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Member State and Private Agencies of The Adoption Exchange

The Adoption Exchange partners with eight states to find adoptive families for the children with special needs who are waiting in the foster care system for a permanent home.  Each member state has its own website and we suggest that you take a few minutes and check out their information and resources.

Colorado Missouri
New Mexico Nevada
Oklahoma South Dakota
Utah Wyoming

Several licensed private child placement agencies in our member states have joined The Adoption Exchange.
Some of them recruit, train and complete homestudies for families who are planning to adopt children with special needs. Many, however, focus on infant placements and/or intercountry adoptions. Some of these private agencies have their own website.

Click here to check out their information and connect to their web sites.

If your state or organization is interested in joining The Adoption Exchange, contact Suzanne Dosh to request a membership packet and more information.

Other Adoption-Related Child Welfare Websites
As you may have discovered already, there are hundreds of adoption-related websites on the Internet. We have found the ones below to be reliable and accurate.

AdoptUsKids is a national photolisting service for children awaiting adoption across the United States.

American Academy of Adoption Attorneys
This site includes reform of adoption laws and dissemination of information on adoption ethics.

Child Welfare Information Gateway
This site is the nation’s number one source of comprehensive information about adoption and was named Forbes Favorite on the Best of the Web adoption websites.

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption
The sole purpose of this site is to help the thousands of waiting children throughout the United States find permanent homes and loving families.

Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute
This site provides easy access to up-to-date information  on adoption research, policy and practice and features a weekly adoption quiz.

North American Council on Adoptable Children
Highlights of this site include adoptive parent support groups and adoption subsidy information.

CBS4 Denver
View Wednesday’s Child video clips for children featured in Colorado. Features are aired each Wednesday during the 12:00 and 6:00 p.m. newscasts in Denver.

KLAS Eyewitness News
From their homepage click on the link to Wednesday’s Child to view children featured in Southern Nevada.

KSL Channel 5
View Wednesdays’ Child clips for children featured in Salt Lake City, UT.

Disclaimer:  The Adoption Exchange provides this list of adoption-related websites as a convenience and resource for adoptive families and does not recommend or endorse any particular website and is not responsible or liable for the contents of same.  We expect that a user will exercise due caution and sound judgment when accessing the contents of any website and its links.