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Since 1983, 7,936 children have joined their families

143 have families, since January 1, 2015

  • 57% belong to a minority group
  • 78% are 9 years old or older
  • 40% are 14 years old or older

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children & families
while you wait


           …. is one of the most challenging aspects of the adoption process.

Waiting happens

  • after the voicemail you left an agency to ask about adoption
  • while you are waiting to attend an orientation
  • after you submitted your application until training classes begin
  • until your homestudy begins
  • after your homestudy is approved
  • while you are waiting for a placement
  • after you have a child placed in your home

           …. and finishes at finalization!

Waiting can be frustrating, lonely, and disempowering. Although you must make many decisions (when is the right time to build our family through adoption, can we handle this, can we afford it, what age/gender of child do we want, shall I quit my job, and so on) throughout this time, mostly it feels as if this very important part of your life is not in your own hands.

During this difficult time we encourage you to use the time to learn as much as you can.

Some ideas you might consider are:
  • Read, read, read any or all of the books that have been recommended by our staff
  • Visit your school district and introduce yourself; learn about the types of services that may be available to your child with special needs
  • Check out local mental health providers, both public and private, who have experience and expertise working with adoptive families
  • Learn about pre/post adoptive parent support groups; it can be especially helpful getting to know those who are on the same journey
  • Identify pediatricians in your area who are sensitive to adoption-related issues and/or have a specialty in certain diagnoses
  • Begin to line up your support network (child care, respite care providers, therapist, pediatrician, support group and other adoptive parents)
  • Consider becoming a respite care provider for another adoptive or foster family (contract your local department of social services)
  • Attend adoption-related classes or seminars in your area
  • Watch these online videos
  • Access online supports for waiting adoptive parents through groups and blogs; there are many to choose from
  • View this comprehensive website -- Children's Information Gateway, which previously received a Forbes’ Best award
  • Have fun!   Attend an adoption party or a Heart Gallery exhibit, volunteer at your local Adoption Exchange office or another organization that serves children in your city
  • Know that the child who eventually joins your home will be more than worth waiting for!