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CHOICE Orientation Webinar

Thursday Apr 27 , 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm MST


For More Information: Lauren Crome • lcrome@adoptex.org

About this Class

Each year in Colorado, more than 500 children “age out” of the foster care system. These children enter adulthood without any sort of permanent connection—no childhood home to go to for Thanksgiving dinner, no one to go to for advice before a job interview, no one to call when they’re having a bad day … no support system at all.

The CHOICE program intervenes before these children “age out” of the system, by creating broader connections between youth and adults outside of the traditional adoption route. The program is built on the premise that once you make a connection with a foster child, you will be compelled to help in a more permanent way and help him or her transition into adulthood.

Come learn more about the ways you can get involved in the life of a youth in foster care. Through the CHOICE program, you can become a mentor and host for a foster youth, and create a permanent relationship with that youth that will dramatically improve their outcome.

The Orientation will focus on:

  • The Youth (ages 12 - 18) 
  • Volunteer and Host Requirements
  • CHOICE Events
  • The next steps to getting involved

If you attend the webinar version of this class, please note that we utilize telephone for audio and a powerpoint will be available through Ready Talk.

Please Note: This webinar is typically held the second and fourth Thursdays of each month. Check this page for exact details.

Registration is now open.