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Information Packet

The Adoption Exchange has compiled a helpful introduction to the world of adoption.

The following information is intended to get you started on your journey toward adoption. Specific guidelines, policies and procedures will differ from state to state, and even sometimes from county to county. We wish you well in your search for a child to adopt.

If you are new to the adoption process, we encourage you to attend orientation meetings about adoption and to contact public and private agencies as well as adoptive parent groups in your area. We also suggest that you read about adoption and how grief and loss, as well as abuse and neglect, can affect children’s behaviors. Your library, bookstore or adoptive parent group should have booklists and materials available. A great deal of information about adoption is also available on the Internet. Adoption information seminars are scheduled regularly in some areas. Call our office for more information about orientation seminars, training schedules and other adoption-related information.