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LGBTQ Children, Youth, and Families

The  Adoption Exchange is committed to providing welcoming, inclusive, and affirming services to LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) children, youth, and families, and to creating and maintaining an LGBTQ-inclusive and -affirming agency environment. The Adoption Exchange was awarded the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation’s All Children-All Families seal of recognition for commitment to supporting and serving LGBTQ families. We earned this honor by meeting HRC’s criteria for fully-inclusive policies and practices in working with the LGBTQ community, after achieving ten Benchmarks of LGBTQ Cultural Competency.

The Adoption Exchange offers a variety of resources and supports to LGBTQ children and youth and their families, as well as LGBTQ current and potential resource parents and their children:

Lending library with LGBTQ-specific titles

Parenting is a challenging task under the best of circumstances. Parenting children who have experienced trauma requires additional skills. The Lending Library was created to deliver information and knowledge to parents and professionals who work with children who have challenges. The library includes LGBTQ-focused resources, including resources about parenting by LGBTQ people and caring for LGBTQ children and youth. The library is created in an easy-to-use format where patrons can check out up to three items at a time for up to six weeks, with postage included to return the items free of charge. Donations are welcome and accepted. Patrons are expected to compensate The Adoption Exchange for lost or damaged items. 

Additionally, Utah’s Adoption Connection website includes an Adoptive Family Resource Database, offering LGBTQ specific resources for families and individuals

Referrals to LGBTQ and adoption competent mental health professionals

The Adoption Exchange maintains a directory of mental health professionals in Colorado for child, youth, and family referrals. We ask mental health professionals about their experience and expertise working with the LGBTQ community and list this expertise in the online database (when applicable).

Information about organizations serving LGBTQ children, youth, and families

The Adoption Exchange has compiled information about organizations serving LGBTQ children, youth, and families, including national organizations and organizations based in our member states. We invite you to contact us for more information about organizations that may be of interest to you and/or your family.

LGBTQ Staff Advocates

The Adoption Exchange LGBTQ Staff Advocates are available to all families to help answer specific questions and provide personal advocacy and support.

Current LGBTQ Staff Advocates

Webpage providing descriptions and links to select resources and organizations

The National Resource Center for Diligent Recruitment at AdoptUSKids compiled this brief list of resources and organizations  that maybe helpful to LGBTQ current and prospective resource parents and their children.