Children's Help and Assistance for Residential Treatment

Residential treatment can be a big step for any family, especially for those with an adopted child who has been diagnosed with mental illnesses or mood disorders.

The Children’s Help and Assistance for Residential Treatment, CHART, program believes that residential treatment centers (RTCs) can offer children and families help in the treatment of mental illnesses.  Children and families can also learn strategies to help handle mood disorders and to help improve the quality of life.

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About Residential Treatment Centers

Residential Treatment Centers (RTCs) are facilities that provide 24-hour, 7-day-a-week therapeutic care for children with emotional, psychological and behavioral disorders.

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Additional Resources

Here are some additional links to outside agencies for further information about the challenges your child and you face and how RTCs can help.

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Contact CHART

CHART can help you:

• Ask the right questions about Residential Treatment Centers
• Learn detailed information about Residential Treatment Centers and other alternatives
• Consider financial options

Call us at: 720-549-0RTC (0782)